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Our Story

... the unfair advantage!

abSKIN cream
abSKIN cream

abSKIN exists today because of a visionary skincare scientist, Dr. Dennis Hazleton, who dedicated years of research to create a breakthrough vegan formula.


The Unfair Advantage ...

abSKIN's very first product, Exceptional Face Treatment, was born from the vision of skincare scientist, Dr. Dennis Hazleton. Aware of the harsh chemicals often found in skincare products today, he was determined to create a gentler yet just as effective formula. 

Dr. Hazleton believed in combining the power of science with the goodness of nature, especially drawing from exotic plants that offer amazing benefits. 

Dr. Hazleton’s profound understanding of skincare, coupled with his extensive study of our key active ingredient, Acmella Flower Extract (also known as Paracress), positioned it as a potential gamechanger, akin to CBD oil. 

From these pioneering insights, Exceptional Face Treatment emerged.

Driven by a vision of excellence, Dr. Hazleton imagined a premium face treatment, enriched with a unique blend of nine active ingredients. This meticulously crafted formula comprises five potent extracts from exotic botanical plants, complemented by four peptides, all carefully selected to deliver best results.

The development of Exceptional Face Treatment was conducted in a clinical environment. While the scientific foundation of the product is robust, its essence lies in its distinctiveness – a vegan formulation harnessing the power of nature’s bounty and cutting-edge peptide technology. 

We call this “...the unfair advantage” which Exceptional Face Treatment holds over other products on the market today.

Though Dr. Hazleton’s journey concluded prematurely, his legacy lives on through our skincare solution, Exceptional Face Treatment.

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