About Us

The story of the development of Exceptional Face Skin Treatment

started a few years ago by a brilliant skincare scientist, Dr Denis 

Hazleton. He had completed a lot of study and work on one of 

our Active ingredients, Acmella Flower Extract, sometimes 

known as Paracress. He saw it as the ‘next best thing’ after 

CBD oil. From these original ideas, Face Skin Treatment Cream

was developed.

His concept was to develop an awesome Face Treatment that 

was packed full with five Active ingredients. These were then 

to be enhanced with four Peptides. His goal was to help everyone who cares about their skin to look 10 years younger.

Sadly, Denis has since passed, but we hope that you will find 

that this high performance product will do his concept justice.

So...what are Actives, Inactives and Peptides in skincare?

Actives are the ‘doers’, the ‘workers’ in a skincare product. 

These are the ingredients that individually and by working together improve the condition of the skin and help to produce 

the results we are looking for.

Inactives are the opposite to Actives. They are not linked to 

anything directly, but they are essential in all skincare products. They can help with the stabilisation of the product. They 

help getting the Actives to where they can be most effective. 

They help with the texture & how ‘luxurious’ Exceptional Face 

Treatment feels....and, of course, they ensure the product is 

preserved correctly.

Peptides occur quite naturally in the skin and they are 

also what we call ‘modern magic’. This is because we 

can utilise modern science and include Peptides in Exceptional Face Treatment to enhance this natural activity. Our Peptides are like tiny messengers that can actually penetrate the outer layer of skin and so stimilate the 

skins own cells to produce more collagen, elastin fibres 

(which help the face look less ‘saggy’), and proteins 

which are the buidling blocks of the skin. They can also 

help the skin to ‘glow’ and help with the skins protective 

strengths against damage from the environment. 

Our Peptides are made by some very clever people in 

Switzerland and they represent the highest possible level 

of expertise and achievement in this field.

At abSKIN we know we have a commitment to everyone 

who is able to use Exceptional Face Treatment. This commitment is about product quality. We do know that 

many companies are run by accountants who look to 

save a penny here and there and to save costs wherever 

they can. These companies produce a product ‘down-to-a-price’. 

John Ruskin (1819-1900) said:

“There is hardly anything in the world that some man 

cannot make a little worse and sell a little cheaper: 

and the people who consider price only are that 

man’s lawful prey!”

Exceptional Face Treatment has been produced ‘up-to-a-quality’.